We specialize in pool openings & closings.

       Get Your Pool Ready for the Season

Water Chemistry

We have quality pool water test kits, this will keep the in pool ideal conditions.

Replacement Equipment

Any broken parts that need replacing for the new season? We have them.


We offer top of the line pool cleaning equipment.

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Pool Shock

We offer a variety of pool shocks.

Algea Control

Algae control is a must. Don’t forget.

Safety Equipment

If its safety equipment your looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Easy Steps to Pool Openings. 

#1 Drain Water from the top of the cover.

  • Use a siphon hose or small cover pump.
  • Be careful to not drain water from the pool through the cover.
  • Once most of the water is removed, you can raise the water level in the pool and then remove the cover. ( or)
  • Clean the cover while its still on the pool.
  • A wet/dry vacuum works good for removing the last amounts of water from the cover.
  • Use BioGuard stow-away to clean the cover & then store it in a large garbage container in a diluted solution of stow away & water.

#2  Insert all baskets at skimmer and pump, insert all plugs & pressure gauge & gently tighten.

  • Lubricate all o-rings & gaskets with a non petroleum based lube.

#3 Before turning on pump be sure that it is primed. Pour water into the pump basket until water enters the line to the pool, then secure the lid.

#4 Turn on pump with the filter set on backwash.

#5 Run until the backwash water clears, turn the pump off & set to rinse, run until water is clear. Now you are ready to filter.

  • Never change the position on your filter with the pump running.

We carry everything you need for your pool’s maintenance and upkeep.

We will take care of the yearly installation and set-up that is required for pool openings so that all you have to do is enjoy the experience. We will handle the foundation, water filling, attachments, filters, chemicals and all other components of the pool opening process for you. Come into our store and take a look at the expansive supply inventory.

Now, for pool closings

Our Specialty Pool Closing Offers…

  • Placing Cover

  • Disconnecting and/or winterizing plumbing

  • Addition of chemicals (purchased separately)

  • Removing ladders and handrails

  • Enzyme Water Treatment

The purpose of an enzyme is to break down organic matter. They do it very well, in plants and animals. Enzyme use in pools help reduce sanitizer demand by consuming invisible organic matter in the pool or spa. For large commercial pools, using enzymes in the pool can reduce sanitizer demand and shocking, while breaking down the oils that deposit themselves on the tile line and skimmers. regular enzyme use in such pools will increase filter run cycles and lifespan of the pool filter media. For mesh covers pools that always tend to open green, using an enzyme as part of the winterization process can greatly reduce spring clean up. In the winter the enzymes stay active, unlike chlorine which evaporates leaving the pool defenseless for months against algae growth.

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