Tips For Grilling In Winter

grilling in winter

Tips For Grilling In Winter

When the temperatures start to drop, our first reaction is to escape to our homes and avoid braving the cold as much as possible. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to become a recluse this winter! You can enjoy a delicious grilled meal just like summertime! Yes, you can enjoy grilling in winter.

Keep it Covered

Getting a cover for your grill before winter is important because it not only will protect your grill from the elements, but a cover makes grilling more convenient during the months of heavy snowfall. Simply dust the snow off the cover with a shovel or brush, then remove the cover, and you have yourself a snow-free grill. We always recommend keeping a shovel or brush right outside your back door to clear a path to your grill as well.

Fuel Check

Make sure to keep extra fuel nearby during cold months. Charcoal should be stored in a dry place protected from snow or rain. When you are grilling with charcoal be sure to use a little extra because it will burn quicker in colder and windy weather. For all gas grilling, remember to preheat with all burners on high for at least 15 minutes. Having a full gas tank and extra charcoal ensures you will be able to keep your grill at the desired temperature.

The colder temperatures will mean your grill will need a little more time to get up to the temp you want for cooking. Give it a good 5-10 minutes extra from what you would normally wait. It is best to pre-heat to 400 or 450 degrees as a minimum and then adjust the temperature. When you place your food on the grill and it doesn’t sizzle then that tells you that it is not nearly hot enough. If cooking on a charcoal grill, make sure to use plenty of charcoal to get the heat needed for grilling.

Stay Warm and Safe

The Midwest hit some low record-breaking temperatures last year, so just remember if you are going out in the cold to grill, bundle up in your winter gear, tuck in any scarfs inside your coat, and use your grilling gloves when handling the grill!

Safety First

Just because it’s cold outside remember it is never a good idea to grill in an enclosed space that can trap deadly carbon monoxide, like inside a garage, under an overhang, indoors or in an enclosed area. In addition to carbon monoxide accumulation, accidental fire damage, and smoke damage are all possible to be aware of any loose or dangling clothing that could catch on fire.

Being well-prepared is the best way to avoid problems. Place your grill on a firm level surface—a wooden deck is not the best choice for obvious reasons! Keep your spare fuel away from the lit grill.

Winter clothing like scarves can trail into the flames, so be sure you’re safely dressed when grilling.


Good Lighting

If you’re grilling in winter after dark, you’ll need to choose outdoor lighting, both for atmosphere and practicality. Light strings are an attractive feature when draped around your deck. Don’t rely on extension cords as your power source because they are a trip hazard. And beware of naked flames like candles if children and pets are around.

For grilling, a good overhead light is best, but you can get excellent visibility with a powerful headlamp that leaves your hands free for cooking.


Invest in Grilling Gloves


Normal winter gloves might keep out the cold, but they won’t cut it for grilling. Purposely designed grilling gloves are made to withstand extremely high temperatures and have long cuffs to protect your hands and wrists against burns. Made from fire-resistant material such as silicone, they won’t wear into holes, and they often have special non-slip grip for safety when handling hot food and utensils. And best of all, they’re easy to clean—some are even dishwasher-safe.


Avoid Catastrophes

Planning is key: Locate your grill at least 10 feet away from fences, buildings or other flammable materials. Have a designated place for raw and cooked food and don’t mix the two—no one wants food poisoning to follow a great barbecue! Use separate utensils, too.


Build a Permanent Grill Shelter

For confirmed winter grilling fanatics, the best solution is to construct a purpose-built shelter that houses your grill, and also has a wide range of customizable features like built-in cooler space, storage for barware and beverages, lighting and bench seating.

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Easy Grill Recipes

grilling recipes

Easy Grill Recipes

These easy grill recipes will help you and your grill cook some delicious food!


The only thing better than pizza is grilled pizza. Grilling pizza isn’t as daunting as it sounds. It’s also the perfect way to get a crispy crust with a great charred flavor.

You can use any topping you’d like, but seasonal toppings will always “top” the competition.

Chicken Wings

That’s right, frying isn’t the only way to enjoy chicken wings. Grilling chicken wings can give a great smokey flavor to them, and enhance the flavor of their marinades or sauces.

Grilled Peppers

Flame-licked red, green, and even bell peppers make a great appetizer for outdoor parties.

You can fill them with anything from a cream cheese spread to a spicy sausage mix. They’re spicy, filling, and satisfying.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

An easy way to improve your usual taco recipe is to cook them on the grill.

Nothing is better than coating your shrimp in olive oil, herbs, and spices and charring them on your grill.

You can even crisp up your tortilla on the grill to add an exciting element to the dish.

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Fall Foods You Need To Grill This Season

fall foods

Fall Foods

At Cincinnati Pool & Patio, we love grilling just as much as you do. Summer may be over, but you can still enjoy this activity during the fall. We assembled this great list of fall foods that you can enjoy well into the season!



Nothing says fall or the holidays more than pies. Sure, you can bake them just like your grandma did, but grilling them can bring on a whole new level of flavor. Classic apple, pumpkin or even sugar creme are just some of the flavors you can grill up this fall.


They’re not just for campfires anymore. Fall is the season of smores and making them on the grill is the perfect excuse to keep using it during the fall.

Keep it classic with milk chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, or throw in some of your favorite candy and even fruit for an added twist.

Fall Fruits and Vegetables

There’s almost nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies. The only thing we can think of is GRILLING them.

Grilled apples, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, radish, and kale are just some of the fall produce you can grill up for the family.


When you think of grilling, meat is one of the first things that comes to mind. Pork is great versatile meat that will be easy to integrate with fall seasonings like thyme, rosemary, and fennel.

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